Our Work Plan

If you are curious about Study in Turkey next semester but don’t know from where and how to start, here is your guide to learning about the whole process in short.


  1. Contact Us
    Contact us first by visiting https://www.greendmc.com/apply-now/ or Contract with WhatsApp and send an email. Tell them the subject you want and the city or university [if you have already decided]. Otherwise, they will explain to you the application process to a Turkish university and discuss your study goal and cost.
  2. Choose a program yourself
    Another best way to make sure you choose the right course and university is to read, analyze and compare the range of courses and universities available on our website. It is also important to check the course entry requirements. Although the basic requirements are almost the same for all Turkish universities, they can sometimes vary from State to Private universities. Please contact our representatives and consultants for further assistance and accurate information on requirements.
  3. Submit Your Documents
    Once you’ve set a university and a schedule to apply, it’s time to submit the required documents. Your previous academic certificates from your school or university, passport or ID photo, etc. There is a list of documents you need to send to us, including
  4. Get your offer letter
    With your documents, we will apply to that university for that specific subject. Within a short time, a conditional offer letter will be issued by the university on your behalf. The letter will also be sent directly from the university to your email. We will assist you in this process
  5. Pay your tuition fees
    After receiving the conditional offer letter, you must pay a certain amount of money to the University to receive the final letter of acceptance. This money can be $ 1000 as half of your course fee. You have to pay this money within 2 days for undergraduate/undergraduate courses and within 2 weeks for graduate (master and doctoral) programs. This money can be refunded if you do not have a visa.
  6. Final Acceptance Letter
    After the deposit has been paid, the university will issue a final letter of acceptance, which will be sent directly to your e-mail and also to the Turkish embassy in your country so that you can apply for a visa. We will assist you in this process.
  7. Apply for a Student Visa
    After receiving the final letter of acceptance, you need to prepare some other documents for visa procedures. We will assist you in all these processes. During visa processing, you must submit documents both online and physically, then the embassy will call you for an oral interview.
  8. Ready to fly
    Prepare your luggage after you receive your visa and fly to Turkey.
  9. Airport Reception
    We will meet you on the day you arrive at the airport in Turkey. We will pick you up from the airport and take you to a Respected Dormitory /hostel for accommodation.
  10. University Admission
    The day after your arrival in Turkey, Final registration procedures for your university/institute will take.