Master's Programs




Accounting and AuditingEnglish
Accounting and AuditingTurkish
Accounting and AuditingTurkish
Accounting and International Reporting (NT)Turkish
Actuarial Science (Non-Thesis)Turkish
Addiction Consulting and Rehabilitation- NoThesisTurkish
Addiction Consulting and Rehabilitation- ThesisTurkish
Advanced Electronics and Communication TechnologyEnglish
Advertising and Brand Communication Management (T/NT)Turkish
Advanced Acting (thesis)Turkish
Applied ChemistryEnglish
Applied EconomicsTurkish
Applied Mathematics (Thesis /Non-Thesis)Turkish
Applied PhysicsEnglish
Applied Psychology (NON-Thesis)Turkish
Applied Psychology (Thesis)Turkish
Arabic Language TrainingTurkish
Arabic Language Training (with thesis)Turkish
Architectural Design (with Thesis)English
Architectural Design (without Thesis)Turkish
Architecture (Non-Thesis)Turkish
Architecture (with Thesis)Turkish
Architecture (with Thesis)English
Audiology (with thesis)Turkish
Automotive Mechatronics and Intelligent VehiclesEnglish
Banking and FinanceEnglish
Banking and Finance (Online)English
Banking and Insurance ManagementTurkish
Big Data Analytics and Management (T/NT)English
Bioengineering (Thesis)English
Bioengineering- NoThesisTurkish
Bioengineering- ThesisTurkish
Biotechnology – NoThesisTurkish
Biotechnology – ThesisTurkish
Biotechnology – ThesisTurkish
Biotechnology – ThesisTurkish
Business Administration (Non-thesis)English
Business Administration (Non-thesis)Turkish
Business Administration (with thesis)English
Business Administration (with thesis)Turkish
Business LawEnglish
Business Management for Executives (without thesis)English
Cancer Biology and PharmacologyTurkish
Capital Markets and Commercial Law (T)Turkish
Capital Markets and Finance (T/NT)English
Child DevelopmentTurkish
Child Health and Diseases Nursing- NoThesisTurkish
Child Health and Diseases Nursing- ThesisTurkish
Chiropractic (Thesis)Turkish
Cinema and TelevisionTurkish
Civil Engineering (with Thesis)English
Civil Engineering (with Thesis)Turkish
Civil Engineering Construction and Project Management (without Thesis)Turkish
Clinical Psychology (NON-Thesis)Turkish
Clinical Psychology (Thesis)English
Clinical Psychology (Thesis)Turkish
Community Mental Health Nursing- ThesisTurkish
Community Mental Health Nursing-No ThesisTurkish
Computer Engineering (with Thesis /Non-Thesis)English
Computer Engineering (with Thesis)Turkish
Computer Forensic and Digital Evidence – NoThesisTurkish
Computer Forensic and Digital Evidence – ThesisTurkish
Construction Management (T/NT)Turkish
Crime Prevention and Analysis – NoThesisTurkish
Crime Prevention and Analysis – ThesisTurkish
Criminal Justice- NoThesisTurkish
Criminal Justice- ThesisTurkish
Cultural ManagementEnglish
Cultural StudiesEnglish
Cyber Security (T/NT)English
Defense Technologies (Thesis)Turkish
Dependency Psychology (Thesis)Turkish
E-Business Management (without thesis)Turkish
e-MBA (Online)English
Early Childhood Education (T/NT)Turkish
Early Childhood Education (T/NT)English
Economic LawTurkish
Economics and Finance (NON-Thesis)Turkish
Economics and Finance (Thesis)Turkish
Education Administration and SupervisionTurkish
Educational Administration and Planning (T / NT)Turkish
Educational Administration and SupervisionTurkish
Educational Design and Evaluation (T /NT)Turkish
Educational Design and Evaluation (T /NT)English
Educational Program and InstructionTurkish
Educational Technology (Thesis / Non-Thesis)Turkish
Educational Technology (Thesis / Non-Thesis)English
Electrical and Computer EngineeringEnglish
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Thesis / NT)English
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (with Thesis)English
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (with Thesis)Turkish
Electrical-Electronic Engineering- NoThesisTurkish
Electrical-Electronic Engineering- ThesisTurkish
Elementary EducationTurkish
Energy and Environment Management (T/NT)Turkish
Energy Systems Operation and Technologies (T/NT)English
Engineering Management (Non-Thesis)English
Engineering Management (Thesis)English
Engineering Management (Thesis/Non-Thesis)Turkish
English Language and LiteratureTurkish
English Language and Literature (with thesis)English
English Language Education (T/NT)English
English Literature and CultureEnglish
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (T/NT)English
European StudiesEnglish
European Studies (Double Degree)English
European UnionTurkish
Executive MBA (Non-Thesis)English
Explosive EngineeringTurkish
Family Counselling (with/without Thesis)Turkish
Film and Television (Thesis)English
Finance (Non-Thesis)Turkish
Finance (Thesis)Turkish
Financial EconomicsEnglish
Financial Economics (Non-Thesis)English
Food Engineering (with Thesis)Turkish
Food Safety (with Thesis)Turkish
Forensic Chemistry – NoThesisTurkish
Forensic Chemistry – ThesisTurkish
Forensic Genetics – NoThesisTurkish
Forensic Genetics – ThesisTurkish
Forensic Molecular Biology – ThesisTurkish
Forensic Molecular Biology – NoThesisTurkish
Forensic Psychology and Behavioral Evidence – ThesisTurkish
Forensic Psychology and Behavioral Evidence -NoThesisTurkish
Forensic Toxicology – ThesisTurkish
Forensic Toxicology-NoThesisTurkish
Game Design (Thesis)English
Gifted and Talented Education (Thesis)
Turkish / English
Global Affairs (Thesis /Non-Thesis)English
Global Business and Marketing (Non-Thesis)Turkish
Global MBA (Online)English
Global Politics and International Relations (T/NT)Turkish
Graphic DesignTurkish
Guidance and Counselling (Thesis)Turkish
Guidance and Counselling (Thesis)English
Gynecology Nursing- NoThesisTurkish
Gynecology Nursing- ThesisTurkish
Health Informatics (Thesis / Non-Thesis)Turkish
Health Institution Management (Thesis)Turkish
Health Management – Non-ThesisTurkish
Health Management – ThesisTurkish
Health Management (Thesis )Turkish
Health Management Non-ThesisTurkish
Healthcare ManagementTurkish
Higher Education Administration and Leadership (Thesis)English
Higher Education Administration (Thesis)Turkish
History, Theory and Criticism in ArchitectureEnglish
Human Resources Management ( Online)English
Human Resouces Management (Thesis / NT)Turkish
Human Resources ManagementTurkish
Human Rights LawEnglish
Industrial EngineeringEnglish
Industrial EngineeringEnglish
Industry 4.0 (T/NT)English
Industry 4.0 (Thesis)Turkish
Information and Technology Law 
Information LawTurkish
Information SystemsTurkish
Information Technologies (T/NT)English
Information Technologies (T/NT)Turkish
Information Technology (without Thesis)English
Information Technology (without Thesis)Turkish
Interactive Marketing / Next AcademyEnglish
Interior Architecture (Thesis)Turkish
Interior Architecture and Environmental DesignTurkish
Interior Design (T)Turkish
Internal Diseases Nursing- NoThesisTurkish
Internal Diseases Nursing- ThesisTurkish
International EconomyTurkish
International FinanceEnglish
International Political EconomyEnglish
International RelationsEnglish
International RelationsTurkish
International Trade (Non-Thesis)Turkish
International Trade (Thesis)Turkish
International Trade and Logistics (Non-Thesis)Turkish
Internatıonal Relations and Intelligence StudiesTurkish
Internatıonal Relations and Terrorism ResearchesTurkish
IT-Based Teaching Technologies (without Thesis)Turkish
Local AdministrationsTurkish
Local Governments and DecentralizationTurkish
Logistics ManagementTurkish
Management Information Systems (Non-Thesis)Turkish
Management Information Systems (Online)English
Manufacturing EngineeringEnglish
Marketing (Thesis /Non-Thesis)English
Marketing CommunicationTurkish
Marketing CommunicationTurkish
Marketing CommunicationsEnglish
Marketing Communications and Public Relations (T/NT)Turkish
MBA (English) (Thesis /Non-Thesis)English
MBA (non-thesis)Turkish
MBA (Turkish) (Thesis /Non-Thesis)Turkish
Mechanical EngineeringEnglish
Mechanical Engineering (Non-Thesis)Turkish
Mechanical Engineering (with Thesis)Turkish
Mechatronics EngineeringTurkish
Mechatronics EngineeringEnglish
Media and Communication SystemsEnglish
Media and Cultural Studies (NON-Thesis)Turkish
Media and Cultural Studies (T)Turkish
Medical Biology and GeneticsTurkish
Medical Physics (with thesis)Turkish
Metallurgical and Materials Engineering 
Molecular Biology and Genetics – Non-ThesisTurkish
Molecular Biology and Genetics – ThesisTurkish
Neuromarketing- Non-ThesisTurkish
Neuromarketing- ThesisTurkish
Neuroscience (Thesis)English
Nursing (Thesis)Turkish
Nutrition and Dietetics (with thesis)Turkish
Nutrition and Dietetics (with thesis)English
Nutrition and Dietetics (with thesis)Turkish
Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Nursing (no-thesis)Turkish
Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Nursing (with thesis)Turkish
Occupational Health and Safety -NoThesisTurkish
Occupational Health and Safety -ThesisTurkish
Occupational Health and Safety (without Thesis)Turkish
Occupational Safety and HealthTurkish
Online MBA /e-MBATurkish
Oral and Maxillofacial RadiologyTurkish
Organizational PsychologyEnglish
Orthodontics (with/without thesis )Turkish
Performing ArtsTurkish
Pharmaceutical Medicine (Thesis)Turkish
Philosophy and Social ThoughtEnglish
Physical Education and Sports Sciences (NON-Thesis)Turkish
Physical Education and Sports Sciences (Thesis)Turkish
Physiotherapy and RehabilitationTurkish
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (with Thesis)Turkish
Political Science and International Relations (with thesis)English
Political Science and International RelationsTurkish
Political Science and Public Administration (Thesis)Turkish
Political Science and Public Administration (Thesis)Turkish
Power Electronics and Clean Energy SystemsEnglish
Pre-school EducationTurkish
Private LawTurkish
Private Law (Thesis)Turkish
Prosthetic Dentistry (with thesis)Turkish
Prosthetic Dentistry (without thesis)Turkish
Psychiatric Nursing- NoThesisTurkish
Psychiatric Nursing- ThesisTurkish
Public Administration and Political ScienceTurkish
Public Law (LLM) (Thesis)Turkish
Public Relations and Advertising (Non-Thesis)Turkish
Public Relations and Corporate CommunicationEnglish
Public Relations and PublicityTurkish
Quality Management and Security SystemsTurkish
Quality Management in HealthcareTurkish
Real Estate Finance and ValuationTurkish
Sales and MarketingTurkish
Security Studies (Thesis)Turkish
Social and Cultural StudiesTurkish
Social Developmental PsychologyTurkish
Social Work (Non-Thesis)Turkish
Social Work-ThesisTurkish
Software EngineeringEnglish
Sound Technologies (T/NT)Turkish
Speech and Language Therapy- ThesisTurkish
Sports Management (Thesis)Turkish
Stem Cell and Tissue EngineeringTurkish
Strategic Design And Brand Management (Non-Thesis)English
Strategic Design And Management (Non-Thesis)Turkish
Strategic Marketing and Brand ManagementTurkish
Surgical Disease Nursing (no thesis)Turkish
Surgical Disease Nursing (with thesis)Turkish
Tasawwuf (Sufi) Culture and Literature – NoThesisTurkish
Tasawwuf (Sufi) Culture and Literature – ThesisTurkish
Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation /LITEEnglish
Television and CinemaTurkish
Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (Thesis)Turkish
Tourism ManagementTurkish
Translation and Interpreting RussianTurkish
Translation StudiesTurkish
Translation StudiesEnglish
Trauma and Disaster Mental HealthEnglish
Tunnelling and Underground StructuresTurkish
Turkish – German Business LawEnglish
Turkish Language and LiteratureTurkish
Urban Design (without Thesis)Turkish
Urban Renovation (with Thesis)Turkish
Urban Systems and Transportation Management (T/NT)Turkish
Urban TransformationTurkish
Urban Vision and Architectural Design (NT)Turkish
Visual Arts (with Thesis)Turkish
Visual Communication Design (Non-Thesis)Turkish
Visual Communication Design (Thesis)Turkish