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Top 10 Things to Do in Kusadasi

Kuşadası is a beach resort town on Turkey’s western Aegean coast. A jumping-off point for visiting the classical ruins at nearby Ephesus (or Efes), it’s also a major cruise ship destination. Its seafront promenade, marina, and harbor are lined with hotels and restaurants. Just offshore on Pigeon Island is a walled Byzantine castle that once guarded the town, connected to the mainland via a causeway.

1.Terraced house

In architecture and urban planning, a terrace or terraced house or townhouse is a medium-density dwelling type that originated in Europe in the 16th century, in which a series of adjacent dwellings share sidewalls. In some regions, they are also known as row houses or row houses.

2. The House of the Virgin Mary

The House of Virgin Mary is a Catholic temple located in Mt. Koressos, Ephesus, around 7 kilometers from Selcuk in Turkey.

The Temple of Artemis

3. The Temple of Artemis

The Temple of Artemis or Artemision, also known less precisely as the Temple of Diana, was a Greek temple dedicated to an ancient, local form of the goddess Artemis. It was located in Ephesus.

4. Celsus Library, Ephesus

A historical landmark in Turkey, The Library of Celsus is an ancient Roman building in Ephesus, Anatolia, now part of Selçuk, Turkey.

5. Basilica Of Saint John

St. John’s Basilica was a basilica in Ephesus. It was built by Justinian I in the 6th century. It stands on the believed tomb of the Apostle John. Modeled after the currently lost Church of the Apostles in Constantinople.

6. Ancient Church of Mary

The Church of Mary is an ancient Christian cathedral dedicated to the Theotokos, located in Ephesus. It is also known as the Church of the Councils because two councils of importance to the history of Early Christianity are assumed to have been held within.

7. Güvercinada

Güvercinada is an island in western Turkey connected to mainland Kuşadası of Aydın Province via a relatively narrow, man-made causeway which is 350 m in length.

8.Eat at Bizim Ev Restaurant

On the way to Şirince Village from Selçuk district, there is a nice restaurant called Bizim Ev. It is an open buffet restaurant that will make you forget everything you know about buffet restaurants in the world. Aegean cuisine is lush and vegetables with olive oil are served deliciously in this modest family-run restaurant. The beautiful recipes of Hatice Hanım, the owner, were published by her daughter, who lives in the United States, in the restaurant, and on amazon.com. After sipping your Turkish coffee with a delicious semolina dessert in the shady garden, row by row … the old Greek village of Sirince.

9.Watch the Sunset in Kusadasi

Kuşadası district is only 25 minutes away from Selçuk district and is a lively tourism center for the tourists of the region. Every year thousands of tourists after their trip to the Greek islands are using to reach the port of Ephesus and can easily catch a ferry to the island of Samos and Turkey can combine your trip with the Greek Islands. The center of the city is full of fine restaurants and cafes with magnificent views of the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. I recommend that the sunset over the ocean with your loved ones and finish your day with a cold drink. There are many 5-star beach hotels in Kuşadası that serve all year round and you can use them as an alternative to Şirince Village, which I recommend through Kuşadası town.

10. Stay in Şirince Village

You will reach the village of Şirince, an old Greek village, after a 15-minute journey uphill from Selçuk. Beautiful old stone and wooden houses are gradually being transformed into boutique hotels today, which host many tourists throughout the year. The village gave inspiration to many hoteliers in today’s Turkey with small hotels and a vibrant culture vultures turned to hot spots around the village of Ephesus. Small restaurants serve fine breakfasts, and local wineries produce very interesting sweet and fruity wines that you can have multiple wine tastings during your walk through the village’s cobbled stone streets. If you are traveling with a small group or an escort, staying in a boutique in the village is highly recommended as you can relax after a long day in and around Ephesus.