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Top 9 Things to Do in Izmir

Turkey’s third-largest city is not only known for its ancient roots but also the many facets of its contemporary culture, all of which have made it one of the most important cities in the Aegean, so here are the top 9 to make your travel plan more manageable!

Izmir Clock Tower

1. Izmir Clock Tower

İzmir Clock Tower is a historical clock tower located in Konak Square inn Konak district of İzmir. It is considered the main landmark of the city.


The elevator is a historical building located in the Karataş district of Izmir, within the Konak metropolitan district. It was built as a public service in 1907 by Nesim Levi Bayraklıoğlu, one of the wealthy Jewish bankers and merchants of the period in order to facilitate the passage from the narrow coastline of Karataş to the slopes, and the elevator inside the building serves to transport people. and wares from the steep cliff between the two parts of the quarter. In time, the small street leading to the building began to be known as the Elevator Street with the same name. One of the residents of the street in the 1940s was the singer Darío Moreno, who later became famous. It has been recently restored and has been one of Izmir’s landmarks ever since. The name of the street was changed to Dario Moreno Street in memory of the singer.

Mount Kadifekale

3. Kadifekale Mountain

Kadifekale is a hilltop castle in Izmir. The castle is located on Pagos Mountain with a height of 186 meters. It was built in the 3rd century BC. The castle is located approximately 2 km from the coastline and has a general view of the city of Izmir and the Gulf of Izmir. In 2007, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started renovation and restoration works in Kadifekale. In 2020, Kadifekale became a Temporary World Heritage Site as part of Izmir’s Historical Port City.

Izmir Wildlife Park

4.Izmir Wildlife Park

İzmir Natural Life Park is an establishment. The walls of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Wildlife Park were colored with 3D pictures of the park residents such as the lion, tiger and elephant family.

5. Spil Mountain

Ancient Sipylus Sipylus Mountain, which is the heart of the Lydians and currently Turkey’s Aegean region in the Manisa province is rich in terms mountain legends and history. Summit towers rise on the Izmir-Manisa road as well as the modern city of Manisa. At the same time, the adjacent mass of Yamanlar Mountain, which also overlooks the Izmir Bay, was considered an extension of the Sipylus Mountain massif, with which it shared many history, although it is actually an extinct volcano and a different geographical formation.

Atatürk Museum

6.Atatürk Museum

İzmir Atatürk Museum is a museum in İzmir. Turkish marshal, revolutionary statesman, and first president of Turkey founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Izmir Ataturk Museum, hence the 19th anniversary of Atatürk’s arrival in Izmir was opened to visitors on September 11, 1941. On May 13, 1988, it was renamed Izmir Ataturk Museum, which is known by its name today.

Karagöl Nature Park

7. Karagöl Nature Park

Karagöl Nature Park is a nature park in Turkey Izmir Menemen district in rural areas of the province, north of Izmir Yamanlar Mountain is located on 38 ° 23’26 “N 27 ° 13” 02 “are also D. It is 35 kilometers from the center of Izmir. Although the road is quite winding, it offers a magnificent view of Izmir Bay. The altitude of the park is 850 meters. It surrounds a small crater lake called “Karagöl”. The park area including the lake is 18.92 hectares

Smyrna Agora Ancient City

8. Smyrna Agora Ancient City

Smyrna Agora, also known as İzmir Agora, is an ancient Roman agora located in Smyrna. First built by the Greeks in the 4th century BC, the agora was destroyed by an earthquake in 178 AD. Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius ordered it to be rebuilt. Excavations started in 1933. In 2020, Smyrna Agora became a Temporary World Heritage Site as part of Izmir’s Historical Port City.

Yassica Island

9. Yassica Island

Yassica Island is an island located in the Gulf of Izmir in Turkey. Sometimes the island is also called the German Island. The island is a part of Izmir Province Urla district at 38 ° 24′39 ″ N 26 ° 47′37 ″ E. Its distance to the nearest point on the mainland is approximately 4 kilometers, and 1 kilometer to Pırnarlı Island. Its area is 0.25 square kilometers. The island is uninhabited. However, Izmir Municipality has established a pier, a 400-meter beach, and a restaurant in the southern part of the island. Deniz also organizes regular ferry services to the island from Konak and Karşıyaka terminals. Travel time to Yassica Island is approximately 1.5 hours.