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Top 10 Things to Do in Bursa

Bursa is an important tourism center. one of Turkey’s most popular ski resorts in Uludag is located right next to the city. Bursa’s thermal baths have been used for treatment since Roman times, so here are the top 10 to make your travel plan more manageable!

1. Grand Mosque of Bursa

Grand Mosque of Bursa, Bursa, is a historic mosque in Turkey. It was commissioned by the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I to commemorate his great victory in the Battle of Nicosia and was built between 1396 and 1399. The mosque is an important monument of early Ottoman architecture and one of the most important mosques in the city. Besides its historical markets, it is the heart of the old city.

Green Mosque, Bursa

2.Green Mosque, Bursa

Yeşil Cami, also known as the Mosque of Mehmed I, is part of a larger complex on the eastern side of Bursa, the former capital of the Ottoman Turks before they conquered Constantinople in 1453. The complex consists of a mosque. mausoleum, madrasa, kitchen, and bath. The name Green Mosque comes from its green and blue interior tile decorations.

Green Tomb

3. Green Tomb

Yeşil Tomb is a tomb of the fifth Ottoman Sultan Mehmed I, located in Bursa. After the death of the ruler in 1421, Mehmed’s son and successor II. It was built by Murad. The tomb and the Green Mosque opposite it were designed by Architect Hacı Ivaz Pasha.

Koza Han

4. Koza Han

Koza Han is a historical caravanserai in Bursa. It is located in the heart of the city’s historic market district.

Bursa Uludağ Gondola

5. Bursa Uludag Gondola

Bursa Uludağ Cable Car, or simply locally called Cable Car, is a cable car line in Bursa province that connects the city of Bursa to the nearby ski resort area and the national park in Mt. Uludag. It originally entered service as an aerial tramway line in 1963 and served for fifty years until it was replaced by a modern ropeway system and expanded into a ski resort area. Due to the increasing demand from tourists, it became inevitable to establish a new line.

Uludag National Park

6. Uludag National Park

Located 30 km southeast of Bursa Uludag National Park, Turkey’s natural wealth of flora and fauna is one of the unusual places for lovers. The national park covers an area of 13,000 hectares.

7. Bursa Zoo

Bursa Zoo was opened in 1998 at its current location. With its rehabilitation clinic, research and education programs, and well-planned natural habitats, Bursa Zoo aims to be a world-class zoology center in line with European standards.

8. Saitabat Waterfall

Saitabat Waterfall, which is 9 km away from Cumalıkızık village, which reflects the Ottoman period of Bursa, can be reached to the waterfall, which is 12 km away from Bursa. This waterfall flows wildly and deaf with the singing birds. At Saitabat, the mountain stream provides an impressive drop into a deep, narrow canyon.

Emir Sultan Mosque

9. Emir Sultan Mosque

Emir Sultan Mosque is a mosque in Bursa. It was first built in the 14th century, rebuilt in 1804 by the order of the Ottoman Sultan Selim III, and rebuilt in 1868 with plans that change slightly each time.

İnkaya Historical Plane Tree

10. İnkaya Historical Plane Tree

Giant tree dating back 600+ years. A city icon, this centuries-old tree stands 35 m tall with branches that spread 18 m in diameter.